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Gunwich - The Way of Gun (eatthisbook.clubion) submitted 7 years ago by Lead ModeratorThrowawayPUA. Due to crazy recent news events, there has been some curiosity about Gunwich's materials. He took down his web server and none of his materials are available for free, as they were before. TONS more. Too much to final conclusion to the “Gunwitch Method”. “14 women” “Gun’s material is responsible for around 14 women I have fucked since coming out of a long-term relationship” – Marque – Verifiable Seduction Community Member. This guy looks at pickup as a hobby, same as me. It is not the most subtle approach, but it works, and the aggressiveness is often what most newbies lack most. As such, The Way of Gun is probably most useful for beginners and “shy guys” who are not used to being direct, sexual and persistent. One of Gunwitch’s key teaching is that arousal is 8/10(1). Pickup Artist Career. Gunwitch was often at the heart of a lot of contention and controversy. He partook in many feuds on the board and his method contrasted with a lot of the methods of others. He also refused to meet with other members of the board, which got him many allegations of being a fraud Nationality: American. The “Dynamic Sex Life” from Gunwitch (Allen Reyes) is a course on learning the male-female dynamic and on learning how to avoid all the common mistakes when it comes to mating, dating and relating with women. For those that have read the many excellent posts by Gun on Fast Seduction , perhaps no review is needed.

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Simple, basic approach to seduction by one of the first "dating gurus". This is simply about getting "good enough" to enjoy a fun dating and sex life. Gunwitch was one of the first “gurus” in the seduction community, and this audio course goes over some of his key principles. Reviews of the “Way of Gun” Audio Course by Allen Reyes (aka Gunwitch) His Gunwitch Method is one of the most read seduction texts out there. And it works. Allow the Gunwitch to educate you on why this pretender to the throne is nothing but a fool. Way of the Gun WORKS and is PROVEN. Way of. It is more of a general guideline for how to approach pickup. The Gunwitch method was recently rebranded as the “Way of Gun,” which takes. Top 3 basics of the game by pick up artist Gunwitch pua. Gun here from Way of Gun on a few problems in guys game I see very regular or questions I get.

gunwitch way of gun Following this method will set boundaries that will last. I've found myself nodding at numerous statements that I've already experimented and seen gunwitch way of gun me. Dimitris mitropanos svise to feggari music is another reason lone wolfs are easier to go for, as they usually aren't in some kind of "group state" of ruckus or laughter ect. I am gunwitch way of gun to melt your brain out of your ears! If on all you had stayed there after you approached, conveyed your sexual state, waited for her to go into sexual state, and then isolated her, you would have only approached 50 tops the whole month as you would have been to preoccupied in bed with 10 of those 50, avoiding another approaches. Hypnotica Eric Von Sy If that's your bag, try it with women you are already in a relationship with. more information new videos s hd ipad Feb 01,  · Gunwitch, this was a great "refresher" for me personally. I'm just starting to do the single thing again after being in a LTR for a year, and I'm glad I read through the whole thing. It's not that I forgot what I was doing when it came to approaching women, but it was good to have a . Jan 10,  · Gunwitch, inventor of the Way of the Gun pick up artist method, refuses to take responsibility for the actions of assassin Jared Lee Loughner. Oct 25,  · Gunwitch PUA is among the contradictory figures in the world of dating community. Allen Reyes (his real name) started his career as a pick up artist on 1st of January Gunwitch always believes in one principle – All ingenious is simple. He has been known for his nihilistic attitude, even in sensitive situations; for those who [ ].

For those that have read the many excellent posts by Gun on Fast Seduction , perhaps no review is needed. The proponent of sexual state and persistence until the end, he is one of the most popular thinkers and has created a new way of looking at seduction. And now, though his new e-book, you can get his ideas in one of the most concentrated forms possible. Dynamic Sex Life is a quick read, but as Gun points out, he is the type of guy who just wants to get to the point.

I would say most readers can finish the book in under 5 hours if they read straight through. However, this may not be the best idea, since the book tries to guide you though 3 stages of progress in its 3 main sections: Foundations, Advanced, and Mastery. And if you start getting too far ahead of yourself trying to use the tactics from more advanced sections, you can actually hinder your progress.

So despite the book being relatively short, it should take you quite a while to learn and put into application what is contained in it, if you read then stop to do the exercises as you come to them.

One of the unique things about this book along these lines is that he really gives some good advice about the kinds of women you should go after. A lot of guys want to go after a Pamela Anderson type because they also want to impress other people. Instead, Gun suggests that you go after the type of woman who YOU like, and forget what other people think.

This makes sense, but he takes it a step further and insists that the women YOU are most attracted to are the types of women that in turn will be most attracted to YOU. As long as you are looking at life in this way, then it makes it easier for you to at least approach the women you want the most. But even if you are the type who is currently afraid to approach women in general, let alone the ones you are most attracted to, there is a lot of theory and exercises in the book to help you get over this.

For example, he helps you realize that in a bar for example, people are more concerned about what OTHER people think about THEM and so are too busy to be worrying about you.

I wont give away the shop here, but speaking of approaching women, Gun also has a great way to help you put your desire for women into hyper-drive so that you will basically have no choice but to actually go out and meet as many women as you can until you actually have sex with some of them.

Another thing that is really amazing about the book is how clearly it makes you realize what negative conditioning you have been exposed to all your life, and how to get around it to improve your sex life.

I am very experienced in understanding my own conditionings and trying to get around this kind of conditioning, but this book had some eye openers even for me. The book also has great tips for how to escalate intimate touching with women. Given all that has been written on the subject already in many posts and books, I was impressed to find that Gun still had some new and powerful ideas in this area.

The core of the book though is in his two RAP steps to seducing women. The amazing thing is that these seem to work quickly with even pure beginners. This is where the book can get a little confusing if you are reading through too fast, and so I actually advise writing down how he explains the acronyms beforehand, and then refer to what you wrote down when you see it again later.

For reference, in the version of the book I had, these were to be found on Pg. A lot of societal conditioning actually leads us away from our natural instincts as men, and Gun leads you back to those. He tells you ways to raise your testosterone, ways to be more dominant in life in general.

As a final note, this is one of the few books I have read where I actually had the opportunity to meet the author in person. Gun is definitely a dominant male type character, and in person comes across as the type of guy who clearly knows his stuff when it comes to women.

I admit I understood the book a lot better after talking to him in person, and unfortunately not everyone will get that chance. Powered by Your Inspiration Themes. Over Educational Products. Gunwitch Method — Dynamic Sex Life.

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All you have to know about Gunwitch Method is that you persist until you "make the ho say no." And if the ho says no, you shoot her in the face. When u do and research about Gunwitch and his stuff. .. The inner game stuff of way of gun is really a true gem because it demistify Pick up. it seems a lot of guys here havent read or even heard about gunwitch method. Things had not been this way in the human mating ritual prior to the last .. No ? Sorry, this last one takes some field practice to get down. Gun. Ok, I just saw a review request for Gunwitch, and as I read it recently I I just finished the 5 disk audio series - the way of the gun and it is just. The exalted order of Gun Witches was founded in R.E. and is the fourth order of witches after At least one gun witch has the ability to literally juggle her guns while firing them. Anime That Are Way Too Similar to Each Other Fandom .

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I am Allen “Gunwitch” Reyes. Aka “Gun” I am a “seduction community” founder. I was around back before all the media and books and tv shows about men using​. Gunwich - The Way of Gun (audio course, Mb mp3s) All you have to know about Gunwitch Method is that you persist until you "make the ho say no." And if. › girlschase › gunwitch-the-basics-of-seduction-mma. Gunwitch | The Basics of Seduction MMA. | Previous track Play or pause track Next track. Enjoy the full SoundCloud experience with our free app. Category: Gunwitch Method. Gunwitch Newsletter 1. Gun's first newsletter, in which he covers Socialization, Social awareness, A great last minute resistance. Gunwitch Method – Dynamic Sex Life. The “Dynamic Sex Life” from Gunwitch (​Allen Reyes) is a course on learning the male-female dynamic and on learning. Gunwitch - The Way of Gun courses,Induce sexual arousal in women using REAL psychological influence principles that “dating coaches. Gunwitch method.. I started out using simple psychology, then NLP (neural linguistic programming), and eventually evolved a much simpler. Gunwitch Method: An approach that involves getting into 'sexual state'. The assumption is that in order to attract a woman, you yourself have to be giving off a​.

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