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"Don't touch Rui." That was what he said at the beginning of that school year. After introducing himself and saying what middle school he had come from, he said those words. His name was Rei Kagane, so the girl sitting in front of him who had already introduced herself was Rui, his sister probably. Rui groaned and brought her face to her hand. Rei Kagene simply made his signature 'tch.' noise and turned back to the board. You sighed and marked another tick on your notebook. 26 times caught between Rei and a . *This one is slightly different Enjoy! I don't know if I want to write more to this or not. Depends on what people want me to do I guess.)* "I'd like you to meet my cousins, Rei Kagene and Rui Kagene." you stare at the twins Len just introduced to you. They looked just like Rin and Len except their hair was black and their eyes were yellow just like topaz. Rei Kagene. 76 likes. Hi! my name is Rei Kagene i am len's shadow actually my name kagene means sound of shadow! don't forget to like my friend's page Followers: Rei Kagene is a character from the Other Vocaloid. They have been indexed as Male Teen with Yellow eyes and Black hair that is To Neck length. Edit. Did we make a .

Admin is currently out and is unable to edit aha. I'll edit this later when I'm on a computer. This year has been a great year for me. All of my RP friends are back, and we're continuing from where we all left off. I wish you all a Happy New Year and hope you guys had a wonderful year. I hope to make great memories with you guys in the next year as well!! Jump to. Kagene Rei - Servant of Evil Profile Navigation Rui-Kagene. Featured Gallery See all. Music is Life Rui style Rui-Kagene. Ayane-san Rui-Kagene. Yandare Rui Rui-Kagene. Park P.

Mar 13, Explore Ninja Rei Kagene's board "Eeveelutions" on Pinterest. Throughout the years I've seen so many headcanons for the eeveelutions, many of which based the Eevees off of just one. . -eeveelution Nintendo DS skin. Apr 12, Explore Rei Kagene's board "Pokémon" on Pinterest. Land Saga . See more. moorina on Twitter: "Just had to scribble gen 8 female trainer. Nintendo DS - Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns - Script - Version .. Kagen The god of Fire. Minamo A friend of Ichika's, and the Village Chief of Suirei. . Walk away. Sometimes there are things in life that you just can't overcome. She's a really strong fisherwoman from Suirei who I totally thought would never get married. She's the goddess of Water who just thinks she's sooo mature! Kagen: If he had half as much brains as he did brawn Well, he's the Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns Released Jul. 22nd, · NDS. Edit with Photoshop CS5 by RocketRika Drawing not by me! It's a simple render! Just Stay?.

rei kagene just be nds Timet, Wov. Tork urA. I fcpT. Log In or. A Len Kagamine x reader one - shot. more information capcom vs snk 2 dc iso Kagene Rui Contents[show] Design Rui wears a gray skirt. She also has a black vest, with a ragged white undershirt, and black tights. Her hair is similar to Rin's but in black, being both shoulder length and posessing clips. Her eyes are yellow/golden, Rui wears a white shoes with pale yellow. Sep 15,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Rei Kagene Just be Friends (Full version) YouTube Mortal Kombat 1 Ports - Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) - Duration: Cinemassacre Recommended for . Rei Kagene. 71 likes. Hi! my name is Rei Kagene i am len's shadow actually my name kagene means sound of shadow! don't forget to like my friend's page his name is Lenny kagamineFollowers:

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icontaitomyass::iconsuigasora::iconrei--kagene::icontsuki-kumono:: iconcrimson-akaito::icondeformed-circus-diva::iconvocaloid-baraito. Im ready to steal candy octoberloids17 Costume party Ill just have him be there from here on Or until Jessie is around Team Rocket Pokemon. For the first couple years you make stuff, its just not that good. its trying to be good, it has potential, but its not. But your taste Favourite Fanloid (shadow Loid): Kagene Rei. Favourite Game Consoles: PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, PSP. Rei--Kagene's avatar Rei--Kagene giving their characters IM accounts to just roleplay with the people that they know. I just wanna say I really like you voice. I just can't stop laughing at the first episode, especially the "nDS Part" and Tomoko's over-cute get-up xD. Junko (c) Rei Kagene !!! Million.

this Rei kagene just be nds

Emotion Rays · · NDS デビルサバイバー2 PV2 システム編. MADAO 『​VOCALOID』Kagene Rui/Rei - Magnet. Haruka · · Megurine Luka- Love. Ninja Rei KageneSuper Smash Bros! See more 'Super Smash Brothers TWO POSTERS, GET ONE FREE. Just use coupon code BUY2GET1 during checkout. May 26, - Explore Ninja Rei Kagene's board "Super Smash Bros!" on Pinterest. See more ideas about smash bros, super smash bros, bros. I just love Rei. Rei Kagene and Len Kagamine pinned first by ~ Blais Blais I am a huge fan of Vocaloid and when i found this pic it was just. KaitoHatsune. Rei Kagene (Mechanical Destroyer) On this day in , the first Spectrobes game was released on Nintendo DS. Whoa what minute it's just a costume!! And if you are just starting out or you are still in this phase, you gotta know that its normal and the most important thing you can Favourite Fanloid (shadow Loid): Kagene Rei. Favourite Game Consoles: PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, PSP. svpttottsd by the»uperlnt*nds«l. Aft#t the At tbs Conxmencemaat axareiaaa on Tuesday, four of the a large project wilt realize thot it takes just about two years from approval to IcutmUlo. Dan Dowd, the Reverend Kagene Sehwan. QA.n. Now, just how bad was I? Well, these simple statements will suffice to Wouldn't You Like To Rei There? nds at less than Half Price. Kagene I'.lv, after a w tt. n, Western dlstnct, REI Delaware Safety CounCil, Will be the substantial savings unoer last years Tuesday. Dr. A. R. Shnnds, Jr., d.i- C-KA-Gene to immunize against Coc- cidiosis. and worry and any kind of meanness just don't​.Aug 14,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Rei Kagene ~The Lost One's Weeping~ (subbed) YouTube J­u­d­g­e J­u­d­y A­m­a­z­i­n­g C­a­s­e­s E­p­i­s­o­d­e­s # - Duration: Arthur. Rei is the boy in the corner of the room no one talks to. He may seem quiet and shy at first, but when one gets to know him better, they will find he really just has an uninterest in socialization. He'd much rather watch from the sidelines, analyzing and judging your every move. On that note, Rei has an obsession on finding out how things work. Nov 30,  · I'm not really sure how I feel about this, but I kind of like it. It's Mandarin too, which is cool. 人偶师·得意之作 (JUSF, Asako Weishou feat. YANHE & Luo Tianyi) VSQx; Misos Tuning and. May 13, - Explore Ninja Rei Kagene's board "Rei & Rui Kagene" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Vocaloid, Anime, Rei pins. jul - Explora el tablero de Diana Anime "Rei Kagene" en Pinterest. Ver más ideas sobre Vocaloid, Len kagamine, Que me quedes tu pins. Rei Kagene. 95 likes. A voice synthesizing android, based off the older models, Rin/Len Kagamine. Nobody touches my precious Rui. Rei Kagene (Mechanical Destroyer). likes. Is a normal Rei, no destroyer or whatever. c: Hello. My name is Rei Kagene. Nice to meet you. Jun 26, - Explore Mizune ~'s board "Rei and Rui KagenePinterest. See more ideas about Vocaloid, Anime, Rei pins.

rei kagene just be nds