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Feb 22,  · ‘The Competition’ Review: A Fascinating Look Inside the World’s Most Exclusive Film School Claire Simon's observational documentary offers a . Feb 21,  · Claire Simon’s documentary “The Competition” shows the process by which 40 students, the limit in the term depicted here, are accepted to Author: Glenn Kenny. May 08,  · The Competition: a documentary that exposes how 'starchitects' really work Sleepless nights for interns, tearful tantrums, and structures that resemble fossilised Oliver Wainwright. Synopsis. The Competition is the first film documenting the tense developments that characterize architectural contests. A documentary movie constructed as an almost uncomfortable but intensely fascinating account of how some of the best architects in the world, design giants like Jean Nouvel or Frank Gehry, toil, struggle and strategize to beat the competition. Accept. We use third-party cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. If you continue browsing the web, we consider you accept its use.

David Ehrlich. The odds are not in their favor: Only 60 students are accepted to each class, and those who matriculate are scattered across a variety of disciplines that range from directing and screenwriting to movie theater management remember, this is France. A narrow but riveting observational documentary that relies on cheap suspense and bone-deep schadenfreude to conceal the absence of a critical gaze, the film limits its focus to the admissions process. Some of the jurors are screenwriters, some are production designers, some are critics and programmers — all are white. The whole thing is mildly sadistic in some way or another. The Big Eat (Competitive Eating Documentary) - Real Stories It promises world-class instruction and facilities to budding filmmakers, provided they speak near-fluent French and can pass its notoriously grueling, capricious, and the competition documentary s undergraduate admissions cycle—which, even for the lucky fraction who advance to the third and final round, usually ends in rejection. Even at this big who shot ya instrumental stage, the quirky process has hints of cruelty; as the time limit runs out, the lights in the hall are shut off, forcing the remaining applicants to scratch their essays to completion in total darkness. The competition documentary s small fraction who survive this the competition documentary s round move on to individual examinations. Applicants to the directing program get a studio tryout with a script, a crew, and actors, and are judged both on their performance on set and the resulting footage. A seven-hour written test for screenwriters is mentioned, but never seen. Though Wiseman, a deeply critical observer of social machines, would never allow himself to be so complicit. But though The Competition lacks critical distance, what it offers, in spades, is the engrossing experience of watching other people endure pressure and humiliation—a thrill not unlike that of addictive reality TV, though one presumes that everyone involved would retch at the comparison.

Frank Gehry in The Competition () Jean Nouvel in The Competition () KOCHUU is a visually stunning film about modern Japanese architecture. Synopsis. The Competition is the first film documenting the tense developments that characterize architectural contests. A documentary movie constructed as an. EstDocs is once again proud to host our annual short documentary / docudrama films competition. We look forward to seeing even more amazing submissions. StudentCam is C-SPAN's annual national video documentary competition that encourages students to think critically about issues that affect our communities. DOCUMENTARY FEATURES COMPETITION: “IMAGE OF THE WORLD AND Camerimage is the biggest international film festival devoted to the creation of.

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The mission of El Gouna Film Festival is to showcase a diverse selection of films Narrative Competition, the Feature Documentary Competition, the Short Film. Actuality Media Documentary Competition. GENERAL. Welcome to Actuality Media (“Actuality Media”). Actuality Media is the promoter of the “Changemaker In . The organized competition, as a way to tell a non-fiction story, is as tried and true a formula as those well-worn Hollywood gems boy-meets-girl. La Fémis is an unusual film school: The establishment, in Paris, has no professors and no classes as such. Instead, students work with a variety.

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Claire Simon’s documentary The Competition offers a close look at this process. It is, perhaps unavoidably, an insider’s view (Simon, like so many French filmmakers, has taught at La Fémis), appealing directly to one’s vicarious interest in elite institutions, their eye-rolling gatekeepers, and the fresh-faced young things who are. Jan 26,  · Directed by Harvey Lowry. With Thora Birch, Chris Klein, Claire Coffee, David Blue. The main character (Thora Birch) follows the "PIG Theory" and ends relationships after six months in order to avoid heartache until she meets a man (Chris Klein) who wants to disprove her theory/10(K). Mar 11,  · I first saw The Competition, which was filmed in , at the all-documentary True/False Film Festival in , where the director received a prize for her contribution to documentary . Dec 03,  · Directed by Joel Oliansky. With Richard Dreyfuss, Amy Irving, Lee Remick, Sam Wanamaker. Paul Dietrich, at almost 30 years old, is a fading piano prodigy. Heidi Schoonover is a talented young pianist with a promising future. When Paul hears of an upcoming competition that could make his career, he dedicates himself to winning. A brand-new, feature-length documentary telling the gripping inside story of Liverpool FC's Premier League triumph will be released later this month. The End of the Storm uses exceptional access to the champions to set the Reds’ historic achievement in the context of the club’s global.

the competition documentary s